Cover and Inside Cover | 2023 • Volume 4


Journal of Yoga Studies
2023 • Volume 4

ISSN: 2664–1739

Daniela Bevilacqua
Mark Singleton

Jason Birch
Matthew Clark
Suzanne Newcombe
Managing Editors

Jacqueline Hargreaves
Production Manager, and Online Editor

Shree Hinglaj Mata Temple Siddhpur, Gujarat.
© Haṭha Yoga Project, 17 March 2017.

The surroundings of the Shree Hinglaj Mata Temple in Siddhpur are filled with the samādhis (graves) of sādhus belonging to different sampradāyas. Pictured is the heavy wooden mudgar (club) used by Guru Mastrām (circa early mid-20th century), known for being a yogi and a pahlvān. The mahant of the place claimed that the bābā used to face ghosts in the night with that mace.

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