Managing Wind and Fire

Some Remarks from a Case Study on Kaḷarippayaṟṟụ

  • Laura Silvestri University of Montpellier


Throughout its development, the Keralan body practice kaḷarippayaṟṟụ has been characterised by various visions among the masters (gurukkaḷ) regarding the practice itself and its relationship to other Indian practices. Based on a case study, this chapter discusses some technical aspects and underlying principles of kaḷarippayaṟṟụ according to the understanding of a specific master. At first, it addresses the changes that this master made in the repertoire of exercises in order to reflect his views on the relationship between kaḷarippayaṟṟụ and yoga. In the second part, it concerns more generally the underlying principles of kaḷarippayaṟṟụ.

Author Biography

Laura Silvestri, University of Montpellier

Laura Silvestri holds a PhD in social anthropology and ethnology from the University of Turin and the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences of Paris. She has held several research contracts in the social sciences of the body at the University of Montpellier (France).

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